EPISODE #042: WCFR Bike Night – Thunder By The Bay – Ride Hard – Rider Coach Deb

In this week’s episode of Biker Life with Chuck & Deb learn about all the place you want to be in the coming weeks. This week is the West Coast Florida Riders Bike Night at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse in Sarasota which takes place every 3rd Thursday of the month.

Then next month Biker Life Radio will be at the Thunder By The Bay Music & Motorcycle Festival in Sarasota, Feb 14th – Feb 16th. Everyone’s invited to join us and help us support the Suncoast Charities For Children. 

5:18Chicken! Learn what happened to a contestant on “Family Feud Canada“. One question, could mean $10,000 for a contestant. Would you have gotten the correct answer? Find out in this segment. 

6:32 – Family Feud Canada Clip

9:03 – Raw & Unapologetic with Dutch Van Alstin author of Demons Rising The Story Of The Wayward Scout. 

23:27 – Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse Mention

24:15 – Jesse James owner of the Ride Hard Saloon –  Dutch’s Book Signing Event

26:09  – Thunder By The Bay Music & Motorcycle Festival Commercial – Rossiter’s Harley Davidson & S&S Motorsports

26:39 – Listen as Brian A. Hill, Humanistic Astrologer, share’s his 25 years of experience to help people find true love and how to improve their relationships.

45:12 – Rider Coach Deb talks about her most recent riders course and provides some helpful information on being prepared for the Florida Safety Riders Course. Chuck just blabbers on as usual.

56:10 – Chuck says there are looking for radio talent.

57:20 – Hear about a prankster that keeps putting up ‘Penis Man graffiti all around Tempe Arizona.

Enjoy the show!

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