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How To Ride Your Way To A Free Harley Davidson Low Rider

Here's How To Ride Your Way To A Free Harley Davidson Low Rider:

Bikers refuse to be cooped up inside and of course Harley Davidson doesn't want that either.
So now, they're offering a free Harley Davidson to get peeps in the wind.

Bikers are great "social distancers", riding together yet separately while still enjoying the company of their fellow riders and the freedom of the road.

To get more bikers to hit the road, Harley Davidson has started the "Let's Ride Challenge". The contest grand prize is a 2020 Harley Davidson Low Rider and there will be weekly giveaways of Harley-Davidson goodies and a Yoder Smokers Competition Pellet Grill. Here's how you can enter:

Join the Let’s Ride Challenge to earn 5 entries

Join the Let’s Ride challenge on the Harley-Davidson app and track miles
– Ride 0 – 600 miles to earn 5 entries
– Ride 601-1200 miles to earn an additional 5 entries

Demo Harley-Davidson® motorcycles
– Demo a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle for 5 entries
– Take a second demo ride for an additional 5 entries

Take Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course and learn to ride to earn 15 entries –

It's really pretty simple, sign up here, cross your fingers and ride. What could be more fun?

Good Luck!


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S2 EP17: Long Way Around The USA

This adventure starts with meeting David the CEO and founder of Third Eye Design and
learning about the type of riding he enjoys on two wheels. It may amaze you or peak
your interest to see many destinations in a whole new way.

You can sit back and enjoy the vision of his favorite ride and the majesty of this beautiful
country displayed when riding an Adventure Motorcycle off the beaten path.

The mystery behind selecting the company name Third Eye Design and how one
bright idea propelled a company and product like InView. This product truly does
make the world a better, safer place one motorcycle at a time.
This one of a kind product just may save your life!


Motoclectic Magazine
Backcountry Discovery Route

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Living On The Wild Side of Therapy

Biker Life Podcast

After listening to this episode, will you agree with Chuck or Deb regarding Wind Therapy? You’ll have to listen to discover Chuck’s oddity for just about everything.

You won’t want to miss the challenges Deb faces, other than dealing with Chuck. After struggling with “All of The Moving Parts” of riding. Chuck provides excellent leadership for this ride.

Catch several announcements; one Big Announcement from Indian Motorcycle sponsoring the lady riders, how the AMVETS are stepping up their game for Memorial Day 2020 and a medical professional that rolled up her sleeves to assist the biker community!

Listen to the very end to hear two big events coming your way, like Wreath Across America.

You don’t want to miss being part of “Bikers Doing Good” in our community.

Comment below,we’d love to hear from you.

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