On Biker Life with Chuck & Deb they finally bring the show to life by introducing Dutch Van Alstin’s new segment “Raw and Unapologetic”. This is one show you do not want to miss because as you’ll see Dutch Van Alstin really shines and might just keep Biker Life with Chuck & Deb on the air. After Dutch it’s back to the same old boring Chuck & Deb. They share about their adventure to LA and how they went to a restaurant and Chuck got frisked. Chuck makes it sound like this was common practice, however there some doubts about this. The simple fact that Chuck looks like a bald psychopath was probably the real reason. Listen and find out if Deb was Frisked. We dare you to listen to the very end. Subscribe and Share with your Friends Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/ChuckNDebShow/ https://www.youtube.com/chuckndebshow https://twitter.com/deb_chuck Posted in Adventure, Events, Podcast, Raw & UnapologeticTagged

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