EPISODE #043: West Coast Florida Riders Bike Night – Gibtown Bike Fest

In this episode of Biker Life Radio with Chuck & Deb, hear from Dutch Van Alstin in his “Raw and Unapologetic” segment as he shares his pet-cock story.  Then join them as they record live from the West Coast Florida Riders Bike Night at Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse. Chris Evert & Rooster are special guests on the show. You’ll want to hear Chris sing and, Rooster talk about WCFR and running out of gas on his motorcycle.  By the end of this show you’ll know everything you will ever want to know about the Pet-Cock.

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1:18 West Coast Florida Riders

2:29 Thunder By The Bay

4:45 Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

4:40 West Coast Florida Riders

8:57 Gibtown Bike Fest

15:37 Thunder By The Bay

18:07 Metro Dinner

21:11 Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse & West Coast Florida Riders

32:14 Deb solos “People Who Love People”

32:42 Chris & Deb sing a duette of “People Who Love People”

33:39 Mopar Joe

34:08 Chris Evert Story

35:27 Jezabelle

36:48 Chris WCFR – The Fran Haasch Law Group

39:39 Kory Souza

42:30 Lifelike Sex Dolls

44:18 Sixty East

48:56 Rooster “RJ” WCFR

50:47 WCFR To The Rescue

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