Episode 52: Meeting Motorcycling Moma Michelle From Canada – Our 52nd Podcast!

In this 52nd Episode of Biker Life Radio you’ll get to meet a wonderful lady rider from Canada and get her perspective on the biker lifestyle. Chuck & Deb celebrate their 52nd Podcast Production and are now headed into Season 2 of the Chuck & Deb Show on Biker Life Radio.

On Raw & Unapologetic with Dutch Van Alstin the author of the Life Behind Bars Book Series he FINALLY reads a letter, and it‘s from a woman who doesn’t seem to know what a strong woman is. He excoriates this whiney, self-entitled ? woman and introduces her to an icon in the women’s riding movement, a REAL woman!

Bubbles tries to give Dutch ?? fashion advice… Dutch in an “ascot?” ?There’s a better chance of meeting a virgin at a strip club…. (except for most of the male patrons!) ?

His portfolio slowly crashes and burns….. as does his patience! (as if he had any)???

He gives “thanks” to those who exhibited kindness at the passing of his dog, and a birthday SHOCK…as defined by the fact he made it another year…. his old friend! ?

Dutch mentions a few people in his segment.
Roger Hickok
Randy Green
Dwayne Lanzillo

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