S2 E13: The 1 Second, 2 Second Rule For Group Motorcycle Riding

Do You Ride 1 Second, 2 Seconds or More When You Ride In A Group?

In this Episode of Biker Life Radio, Chuck & Deb have to very experienced riders on the show and these guys know their stuff and when you’re done listen, you will too.

Listen as Jim Boothman and Jim Wilder share their differing opinions about the 1 & 2 second rule of riding in a group of motorcyclist. This is the first time they meet and they find out they have a lot in common. From being Army Veterans to care about people and safety. Not to mention they are both smart assess. 🙂 This is a good thing, because they both know how to make a mockery out of Chuck. Seriously, you’ll love these guys!

 Thank you Mr. Boothman and Jim Wilder for joining us today, and sharing your knowledge and experience.


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HOG – Harley Owners Group

Talimena Rally ‘Cruisin for St. Jude

Harley Davidson Riding Academy

Neil Jones

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Chuck Goes Loco As Motorcycle Rider Coach Deb Leads The Way

Chuck & Deb Finally decide to take their motorcycles for a ride. Seeing how they are afraid to ride their motorcycles in the rain. What’s up with that?

Listen how Chuck blows his top and almost goes completely nuts on a poor bartender had it not been for a friendly bystander, Boyd. This will no doubt show you the inner workings of this mad man. This guy actually thinks he has friends, needless to say he’s a lost soul who is riding on Debs coattails. By the way… Boyd you want nothing to do with this chump of a man, stay as far away as possible.

Deb speaks about the motorcycle mystique and how Chuck has actually experienced it first hand. It’s hard to believe that people have actually thought Chuck was a “badass biker dude” but you’ll want to hear this story as it will give you a reason for living and being grateful you don’t have a life like Chuck’s.

In Bikers Doing Good, Chuck finally has something to offer. He shares about The Ride for Fallen Officers in Utah. The annual ride that is a way to remember all the fallen officers of law enforcement who have passed This is a great tribute to those who protect & serve.

In Moto News Deb reveals information on the Zeus 8 by Curtiss Motorcycle Company and how a 3D Printer was used for parts. Chuck shares about a new patent that was submitted from Harley Davidson to provide group riding based cruise control or adaptive cruise control. Of course Chuck botches it.

Deb features the Motorcycle History Of The Week segment and discusses the Harley Davidson Crossbones Bobber.

In Tips For The Road With Rider Coach Deb – The Topic is Turns. How to ride into and out of turns.

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