Today Peter Fonda Passed Away May He R.I.P.

Today actor, writer and biker has moved on to the highway in the sky.

Mr. Fonda was 79 and the cause of death was due to lung cancer. 🙁

Fonda is best know for the movie ‘Easy Rider

Chuck and Deb recently did segments on their podcasts on the movie Easy Rider as last month was it’s
50th Anniversary.

With Peter Fonda’s passing, he takes with him the mean of we blew it” which was spoken near the end of the Easy Rider Movie.

You can listen to the podcast where Chuck & Deb talk about this famous scene.

To learn more about Peter Fonda and his dead here’s and article from

The man has passed yet, he will live on in the movie ‘Easy Rider‘.

Ride on Peter.

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