Biker Life With Chuck & Deb From Iron Butt to Sore Saddle

After Chuck steals the show from Deb with his so called motorcycle ride. Rider Coach Deb regains control and finally gets this show back on track.

In the WTF segment Deb discusses the Art Long Distance Riding featuring information on the Iron Butt Association and the Saddlesore 1000.

Deb talks about motorcycle air filters and Chuck is totally dumbfounded. Learn about the 3 purposes for and air filter and how it affects every area of your life.

A new segment of Wackadoodle Things is introduced – Deb brings up a Flying Motorcycle and how you can get yours next year.  Chuck is confused (what else is new) and doesn’t understand how a motorcycle could fly.  This fool razzles Deb for being blonde and from Texas. Is this a hoverboard?? You won’t find the answer in this episode of Biker Life Radio.

Chuck freaks out (as usual) when Deb announces that Triumph Motorcycles has produced a new motorcycle call Rocket and several others.  Chuck begs for motorcycle manufacturers to send them motorcycles to demo.

“Keep your Chin in the Wind and Your Knees in the Breeze”. See you on the road!

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